Up to ten years written warranty.
Decorative paintwork, interior, exterior and glazed.

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No fear for the colour…

Do not fear the technique , the finishes or the more complex spaces... Studying your case and giving  a design and a range of suitable colours to your space, lifestyle and personality is the first step of our interior painting service. An area in which we specialize and where we use all types of plastics, synthetic, water and ecological paints, which allows us great versatility.

Among the off-white and snow white, there is a world of shades... And it referes to any colour. Are you acquainted with the different effects of depth and luminosity that each colour provides? We are going to show them to you  and advise you  on the ranges, textures and finishes: It is our specialty.

Trust our professional advice... without any fear!


Belleza exterior...

Y durarera, y resistente, y garantizada... Y es que el acabado y la calidad de la pintura exterior es fundamental. Por ello utilizamos procesos a prueba del paso del tiempo y de agresiones ambientales, sin perder por ello la función estética. Así, además de la selección de productos adecuados a la resistencia y durabilidad que cada caso requiera, ofrecemos soluciones de diseño acordes a cada estilo y necesidad.

El tiempo y el clima ponen a prueba cualquier pintura exterior... ¿Quieres una fachada que además de bonita y estética sea resistente y duradera? Nosotros tenemos las claves y las soluciones. Confía en nuestra experiencia.

Nuestra garantía por escrito de entre 2 y 10 años habla por nosotros...

"Painting "As you like it". We adapt to your needs. Check here the difference.

News: It's time to restore and rehabilitate your Majorcan blinds

Restoration of Majorcan blinds

Isolation 365 days a year ...
... and 365 nights. The Restoration and Rehabilitation of all types of wood, is another of our specialties.
Whatever the type of wood and its functionality or location, we get an optimal finish with the best protection. In blinds, for example, we use enamel and open-pore laminates (different from conventional ones) and we get a longer duration of work done.
We also get exceptional finishes on the doors, to which we apply enameled, varnished, lacquered or lacquered. And is that if you have the experience, the right product and follow some small conservation guidelines, the restoration and / or rehabilitation of the wood we treat will last for many years.

Other services


Because the wallpapers are back in fashion.

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We offer maximum reliability and correct positioning of the ...

Paint metal in Mallorca. Toni Revilo

The secret to metallic paint metal with success not only in the product.

Thermo Interior Anti-Bacteria, Mallorca Toni Revilo

Paint inside with thermal and antibacterial properties.


We install and repair all types of wooden floors. Specialists in stabbed.

Painting Anti-Radiation, Mallorca

New technology for shielding, prevents radiation from outside ...

Thermo facades Anti-Insects, Mallorca

Thermal paint repelling all kinds of insects and mites.

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